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Well.. back on October 1st I published a post giving you a sneak peek into a project that we worked on with Marianne and Laura of Laura Davis Events... and I am happy to say that I can finally spill!


Our centerpieces were used in the most gorgeous table settings ever in the current issue of Ambassador Magazine! And of course they were the most fabulous… they were designed by Laura and Marianne!

As Laura said in her blog about this spread…

Back in September, Ambassador Magazine invited us to be a part of their holiday table settings photo shoot. Marianne and I had a great time designing our vision of the perfect holiday table. We wanted to think outside of the box and stay away from some of the more obvious interpretations of “holiday”, so we focused in on an all-white design concept, bringing in layers of texture with linens, crystals and feathers.

We think it was the perfect way to think out of the box!  Imagine having your reception tables set like this for a glamorous winter wonderland wedding!

Makes me want to have another wedding! Thanks ladies – it was great working with you! xo~ Emplume


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I am sure that most of you are more than familiar with the broke-ass bride blog. It is written by Dana LaRue and is quite frankly hilarious! If you haven’t gone there yet – you must, must, must check it out! We especially loved the ‘Fresh hubby of LA’ spoof and  laughed for what seemed like hours about it!

Carrie and I were contacted by Dana more than a year ago while she was planning her own wedding. We were so excited to be asked to create a fabulous ‘magic carpet’ style Emplume bouquet! We spent countless hours and went through a few mock-ups before it was just right! As you can see – it was utterly fab! And as a side note (and only because I always somehow say something about shoes…) the ribbon handle perfectly matched her orange wedding shoes! How fun is that?!



handle cropped

Dana’s wedding was so beautiful  and unique, and since she is so well known in the wedding industry – you can take a look for yourselves! The wedding has been featured in LA Style UnveiledUtterly Engaged.com, The Green Bride Guide, and will soon be in SouthernWeddings Magazine, and the Fall/Winter issue of Bride and Bloom Magazine.

Working with Dana was a real treat and it is so much fun to follow her  blog even after the wedding was over!

Thanks Dana – you rock! xoxo~ Emplume

PS – the really fab photography (no, not the Emplume shots!) is by Chennergy Weddings.

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So I am sure that some of you are going to wonder what in the world I am talking about with this post. Let me explain!… My brother -in-law and his long time girlfriend are engaged, and planning a wedding on March 26th, 2010. Obviously from the title of this post you can make the deduction that they are vegan… and we fondly refer to them as the ‘the vegans’. What is funny is that they probably don’t even know we call them that… but it fits and of course we say it with love!

So when they got engaged – Tom and Kim asked me to help with the planning of their wedding. Of course I was so happy to oblige, but was unsure what I was in for! Being that they are vegan and very into animal rights (they both work in this field and have received accolades and awards for their hard and tireless work)… there were obviously going to be some rules to follow in planning the big event. I knew this would not be a typical wedding – and not even a typical Emplume wedding! (bling and sparkle don’t really fit here!)

I thought it would be fun and interesting to follow along some of the planning process since I am determined to make this the most fabulous, eco-chic, recycled wedding anyone has ever seen! Just because we are using unusual, green, recycled, and handmade items, it does not mean that it has to be hippy-dippy. No offense to all of you natural people out there!

SO… here we go!

The first item that we had to address was the dress! Kim does not want a traditional gown, and did not want to use the typical fabrics associated with wedding gowns, so we spent a bit of time looking into eco friendly and fair trade gowns, with no real success. Has anyone ever looked for a hemp wedding gown? If you do find them, they can be very expensive, look like a sack, and should be worn with my most hated shoe (yes… there is actually a shoe that I hate!) of all – BIRKENSTOCKS! So – I was not having it. Again – just because we are eco conscience – we do not have to be granola-ey! I have decided to make Kim’s gown. I know it will be so gorgeous and eco-glam (updates to come!) We found the fabric at Near Sea Naturals and off we went. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Other Hemp and eco friendly wedding gowns (that are not sack-like!…) can be found at rawganique.com , threadheadcreations.com, Conscious clothing, and Wholly Jo. (At Wholly Jo, you can actually design your own gown by choosing from a variety of on-line options!)

Kim emailed me after I first published this post – and thought it would be a good idea to add  the link to Blue Planet Wedding.com. This site is a great resource for all things ‘green’ wedding! Plus there are links to sites that sell previously used wedding gowns (not necessarily silk-free – one of our rules!) but… a large part of being environmental is of course re-using! Check out their list of 95 ways to make your wedding more environmentally friendly!

We also had a hard time with the shoes. Of course we always come back to the shoes! And you know I cannot make those – so we settled on some really awesome ones below from Beyond Skin– they totally fit into the ‘rules’ and they are beautiful as well! Plus- don’t you just love that cute floral lining?


So now we are talking about the decor. As usual I looked to one of our favorite blogs – 100 layer cake. They are a great resource for DIY and green wedding projects. I just love the idea below with the recycled tin cans! We are planning to incorporate both of these ideas in our colors for the tabletop. Thanks 100 Layer Cake and the brides who submitted these ideas!

100lc_diy-tin-can3jars_4So check back for my progress on’ the vegans’ wedding! Any of you DIY or green brides that have great eco and recycled ideas… please email me or post them in the comments section – We would love to hear about them all!

xo ~ Shannon

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So, Friday was my anniversary and  husband and I made plans to go away for the night to do something different. We were really looking forward to this- even if it did involve heading down to the “D”. I say this because going to Detroit almost always instills quite a bit of guarded anticipation. In other words- it’s hard to know what to expect on an adventure to the “D”! However, I was completely delighted to spot a huge billboard advertising AVEDON at the Detroit Institute of Arts!

 As one of fashion’s most famous photographers, I was really excited to see the exhibit,  and I wasn’t at all disappointed:) Richard Avedon’s career began in the 1940’s with his first published photos when he was just 21 years old. For decades he was the photographer for Harper’s Bazaar and then Vogue magazines. Avedon’s photography is most famous for soft focus textures, non-static energy, his use of ethnic models and perhaps most importantly the way he juxtaposed the uber-glamourous model subjects amidst unusual settings. These are only a few of my favorites from the exhibit….

  Photograph by Richard Avedon

  Photograph by Richard Avedon

 Photograph by Richard Avedon

 Photograph by Richard Avedon

 I highly recommend making the trip to see this fabulous exhibit. I saw it at the  Detroit Institute of Arts, but if that isn’t convenient to some of you, please find out where and when it will be near you!  And to the City of Detroit- we had a fabulous and memorable time! Thank you:) More on our other wonderful experiences in Detroit later….. Have a fabulous day- Carrie  





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We are having a love affair with navy blue. It is the new black (or almost new…) We have done navy weddings for a couple of years now – but may have to fall in love with it all over again after viewing this post on our most fabulous friend Renee’s blog…..


Just the word midnight conjures lovely images in my mind. The first thought is Cinderella; visions of her dashing out of the ball in a drop-dead gorgeous gown, leaving one of her exquisite shoes behind, and finally triumphing over the evil Stepmother to live happily ever after with her handsome Prince.   Sigh…

I believe a modern day Cinderella would ask her Fairy Godmother to create a magnificent midnight blue gown, complimented with glittery Christian Louboutin heels and a playful pair of blue feather eyelashes.

renee navy blue 2

renee navy blue 1

renee gold shoes

The drama that midnight blue possesses is sexy and sophisticated with a tranquil vibe…….

Background Pattern Designed by renee rodriguez designs 2009- All Rights Reserved
Photo 1 & 2: hautefashion Photo 3: Christian Louboutin Feather Eyelashes

Did you see those glitter heals!  To die for… is it a wonder why we always end up blogging about shoes!?….

We have loved the idea of midnight blue for a wedding ever since it was requested by our lovely bride Gina Salaski of Gina’s bridal in Milford. She had the most swanky of New Year’s eve weddings that I can remember… and the fascination we have with her beautiful color palette is just a fresh and strong as it was almost 2 years ago! Thanks Gina – Happy almost 2nd anniversary!

Gina & maids standing

Gina balcony

Gina's glowing topiary

Thanks to Nicole Ladonne photography for the photos of Ginas wedding – gorgeous!

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Oh how time flies! I can hardly believe it has been already 5 years since Carrie and Darren were married! And what is more crazy is that means it has also been 5 years since we first stumbled upon the fabulous creations that became Emplume!  I remember standing at the wholesaler with Carrie trying to come up with some new and wonderful ideas for her fall wedding. And as luck would have it – right at our feet was a bucket of the most gorgeous white feather sprays we had ever seen!  As we looked at each other holding these gorgeous white wisps…we knew we were onto something! The very next day we met in the studio to see where this would take us… and, VOILA! the rest is history!

Carrie's original collection

The original Emplume collection - circa 2004

Carrie's original maid

Carrie's original maid

THE original feathered beauty!

THE original feathered beauty!


THE original Emplume beauty!

Carrie & Maids

Feathered Beauties!

Many months were spent hand making all of the beautiful feathered details of Carrie’s wedding and the time spent was well worth it. Finally the perfect fall day arrived – crisp and sunny! The ceremony was gorgeous. The reception so much fun! We danced the night away -poor baby Isaac was sooo tired – he could hardly keep his eyes open!


What a gorgeous Emplume family!

The fall theme was ‘The perfect pair!” and Carrie used a pear motif throughout the planning… her gifts were a beautiful pear ornament inscribed with her wedding date. The invitations were hand-made by Carrie herself and featured a stamped pear in luscious gold and green paint… gorgeous! The cake was made by my mom… delicious and also had the pear theme…


As I started to say before.. I can hardly believe it has been 5 years! That memorable day and evening were over in the blink of an eye, and I can’t even tell you where the last 5 years have gone! I do know that we have worked tirelessly to present our Emplume bouquets to the rest of you and to get us where we are today!

I wish the best of luck and all the happiness in the world to my very best friend and her beautiful family, Darren, Isaac and Aerin!

Here’s to your forever and always!CONGRATULATIONS! xoxo ~Shannon

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After we posted about the delightful green shoes a couple of days ago… we thought we for sure needed to put up the collection of one of our recent brides… Jen, as it was along the same lines of fanciful shoes!

Jen and her fiancee had the unfortunate problem that many of their friends and relatives had all become engaged and were getting married in the same year, if not the same few months. They wanted to make their wedding stand out in the minds of everyone involved in the ‘wedding extravaganza of 09’!

Jen had selected for her maids a really beautiful black bridesmaid dress, and instead of opting for matching shoes, bags, and bouquets… she decided to make every girl stand out by having the same shoe, bag and bouquet… but all in a different color! Awesome! – is what we said when she told us! Likewise – the groomsmen all wore black – but they each had a matching colored bout and tie to coordinate with their maid.

Jennifer Landis 001

How cute are these shoes!


The complete collection!

Jen collection 3

guys and feathered 'dolls'!

Jen collection

So girls… we thought this was such an awesome, easy and completely fabulous way to make your wedding party stand out from the rest… who doesn’t love fanciful and multi-colored sparkling shoes! What a great thing to base a collection around. We promise to post some photos of the real wedding when they are sent over from the bride!

Thanks for the inspiration Jen! Happy wedding to you! xoxo ~ emplume

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