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We always ask our brides to promise to send us photos of them, their wedding, their bouquet, or anything fabulous after the big event.  They always say yes… but we don’t always hear from them! We do get very attached to all of our brides through the design process, and we may get even more attached to the bouquets we create for them! As we always say – we have a love affair with every bouquet we make and are always a bit sad to see them leave. (sniff…)

But, sometimes we receive a fabulous little tid bit to brighten our loss! This week was one of those – we received photos from one of our brides from last summer. Amy! She is from Saskatoon,  yes… you are right – Saskatoon, Canada. Obviously we worked with Amy via email and digital pics… and had great success. So with out further ado…..

Hi Shannon,
I was an Emplume bride in August and your creations made my day soo special. Everyone commented on how beautiful they were! Here are a few pics…
Amy, Saskatoon

Thanks for the pictures Amy! They are fabulous and we really appreciate it!

xo ~ Emplume


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Our most fabulous friend Renee was asked to write a guest blog spot at Craft for Health. We thought it was such a great read that it deserved to be posted anywhere and everywhere! Our favorite part was the paragraph…

“Each one of us has a unique creative point of view, a gift that should never be ignored.  If you haven’t found your voice quite yet, my advice is set out on your creative expedition and keep searching until you find something you love to do, make, mold, design, cook, plant, paint, sew, knit or build – you never know when something beautiful will unfold.”

We felt that this statement was close to our hearts because this was the mantra that prodded us to start Emplume! We were sure that we loved it and if you can turn something that gives you so much joy and satisfaction into your job as well, how lucky are you? We ask ourselves every day that same question!  That said – thanks to all of our brides, fans and friends who love and appreciate Emplume as much as we do!

Best! xo ~ Shannon

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Last Sunday, we at Emplume were happy to attend the ‘Wedding Express’ show in Birmingham. This show is like speed dating for wedding planners and vendors – and we think it’s a genious idea! We had a great time meeting many wonderful wedding planners and networking with many wonderful wedding vendors! It was our pleasure to meet everyone and we look forward to working with all of you!

For this show we decided to have an ‘EMPLUME Holiday Give-away’, which was this pair of completely fabulous and totally gorgeous feathered and jeweled shoe clips! It is the perfect way to accessorize a plain pair of shoes for the holiday season, and anytime really! We are happy to announce that the winner of the drawing was Heather Fiedor of HF Photography… Congrats Heather! Your feathered beauties are on the way to you as we speak!

This gave us an idea… we would like to have another Holiday shoe clip give-away for all of our brides, friends and fans of our blog and facebook. So here’s the deal – anyone who posts a comment on the blog or facebook (or both… don’t be shy!) within the next week, will be entered into a drawing to win these clips! We will hold the drawing on Friday, December 18th and will announce the winner on the blog and Facebook! Check back to see who won!

Good Luck lovies! xo ~ Emplume

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Loving what you do brings unimaginable rewards in itself. But in the mail this week came a huge reward that put big smiles on our faces:) It’s such a lovely note from such a lovely couple-

You feel like  a friend to us too Katie! You and your wonderful family are welcome at Emplume anytime:) And thank you so much for taking the moment to share your pictures too. We absolutley love to see the the whole event our gorgeous brides after only hearing about bits and pieces. Keep in Touch!

Best Always,

Carrie And Shannon

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My sister Lindsay wants her wedding to reflect their laid back and modern approach to life. She’s been searching for a location with a rustic barn-like atmosphere with great architecture with so far little luck. We will keep looking however!  (If any lovelies out there know of a great place in the S. Michigan/ N. Ohio area let me know.)  Despite this minor sad face, she had a fantastic find during a recent trip to our West Virginia farm. In the cellar she found several old 1976 Mason jars commemorating 1776 signing of the Declaration of Independence, symbolized by the Liberty Bell! Trust me, this is very exciting because Lindsay’s last name is Mason and her fiance’s last name is Bell 🙂 1976 also happens be the year she was born. How perfect is this! Even though we aren’t positive on how they will be used yet, just having them definitely highlights the fun in making this wedding all about bringing these two together in marriage! Big happy face:)

vintage BALL canning jar -- mason jar -- from 1976 --  with milk glass lined zinc lid
vintage BALL canning jar -- mason jar -- from 1976 --  with milk glass lined zinc lid

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