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We want to wish all of you fabulous, swanky,and gorgeous brides a happy   wedding weekend! Have the time of your lives!

We thought we would send you off for the weekend with some photos of a few of our beautiful, swanky and glamorous brides and bouquets from 2009.

xo ~ emplume

The 'Lili' bouquet - could that be more swanky?

So beautiful!

perfect for any destination!


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When I saw this post on my friend Renee’s blog… it totally brought me back!

I cannot tell you how much I LOVED Barbie when I was young! Countless hours were spent dreaming of the life she had. I was lucky enough to have received as gifts the pink convertible corvette and the afghan dog and was the envy of all of my friends. We would have Barbie weekends and would pack up all of the clothes, shoes, accessories, and of course the dog, in our closet/carrying case… and dash off for days of fun!  The only thing I never got was the clothes.  My mom was never one to spend on something as frivolous as Barbie clothes, so I was forced to learn to make them! We would spend days gathering snips of fabric, doilies, scraps of lace… and then have ‘fittings’ in order to create the perfect ensemble. So I guess luckily for me (although I didn’t think it at the time…) this is where the creative seed was planted that took me to where I am today! Below is the vintage Barbie that my mom first gave me… in the swimsuit. I would have DIED for that gown!!!

If I had seen this bed ensemble from Pottery Barn Kids when I was younger – I would have been on a full out crusade to get it. I practically want it now! Especially the tulle dust ruffle and canopy!

What does Barbie have to do with weddings and more specifically Emplume, you ask? Well… we have Emplume for the love of weddings, fashion and all things beautiful… and who is more beautiful and glamorous than Barbie!

Thanks Renee for the fabulous inspiration and the great trip down memory lane! If only I was riding in a pink corvette convertible!  xo ~ emplume

barbie collage:Renee Rodrigues Designs
vintage Barbie collection: Angelic Dreamz
barbie bedding: Pottery Barn Kids

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Isn’t it so interesting to find out what people are inspired by? When we start out with a new bride, we ask for colors, themes, photos of the dress, decor, invitation, etc so that WE can be inspired to create the perfect feathered beauty for them and their wedding. It isn’t often that a bride comes to us with HER inspiration  before we even ask… but such was the case with Melanie. Her very first email to us included photos of her dress, shoes, linens,  and venue but MOST exciting – her INSPIRATION photo.

Melanie's Inspiration

Many of you will recognize this as a scene from the Twilight movie. We had to laugh because her explanation was “It sounds a little ridiculous, but I got inspired by Twilight (yes, the movie- and I’m not 15 years old!)”.  This is proof that you never know where the inspiration will come from!

So from this photo – the following was selected and designed…..

Donovan Pavilion, the venue

This is a fabulous venue in Vail, Colorado – The Donovan Pavilion. Perfect for the moody, snowy wedding event of the season!

Charcoal shimmer linens...perfect!

Teal shimmer napkins


Can you picture how fabulous this will all be in that venue?

So – now on to the attire (and of course, shoes!)

Bride's gown #1

Bride's gown #2 - but shorter, mini length...

But the true scene stealer… be still my heart! ——

The MOST FABULOUS ankle booties ever!

Could you just die for those Dior sparkle booties!? And – she is going to wear them with sparkle tights!  Carrie and I are determined to fly to Vail just to have a peek at how fabulous this will all be!

Now for the bouquets… from every gorgeous inspiration photo comes an equally gorgeous Emplume creation! (If we do say so ourselves…!)

Bridal bouquet

Groom's bout

Melanie's maids

Maid details

Melanie Bouts

So there it is… The “Twilight Collection”. Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration with us, Melanie! We are SO looking forward to seeing pictures of the actual event. Best Wishes to you! xo ~emplume

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Ok- so I’m totally going to be late for work this morning. I can’t tear myself away from Jennifer Hughes’s website and blog. Gosh her photography is just mezmerizing me. You must see, but get a fresh cup of coffee first! And let me know what I’m missing ’cause I really gotta get ready now:)

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A Look Ahead

WOW ! 2010 is already off to an amazing start. Brides are falling in love with Emplume™ from all over the world and we hope to reach even more of them in the year ahead. With the help of our fabulous  brides and fans as well as the amazing visionary Renee Mueller, we have all confidence that we will have no problem spreading the word about Emplume™ Moderne Couture Bouquets!

We are so excited to have already taken the first step in achieving another big goal for 2010. Emplume™ has signed on to take part in the uber-fabulous Wedding Salon show in Chicago this September (details to follow). We are talking the super high-end bridal show brides and vendors dream about! We could not be more excited about joining others like Sylvia Weinstock, Colin Cowie, David Tutera and Martha Stewart among other talent.

It’s one of those things that doesn’t seems quite real yet. But- we will definitely have lots of updates on that event as plans come together:)

Love and Health for 2010- Carrie

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