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I know it is completely unheard of for us to blog even once a day – let alone twice in the same day! But I just received photos from 2 past brides today – and was so happy and excited when I saw them, that I had to post them both!

So the first one was the previous disco-fabulous post and this next one is from a beautiful fall bride from the Lansing area. And even though she did live close enough to our studio to come in personally – she chose to work with us via the internet (which 95% of our brides do, with great success!)

Her theme was vintage Hollywood glam, and from the pictures – I think her bouquet was the perfect accessory to her overall look.  Her photographer – Steven F. Fox Photography – did the most awesome job capturing the vintage feel! Don’t you think it could be 1940 in these pictures?

I can hardly stand how awesome this picture is!!!


What year is it anyway?

Thanks so much for sending in the beautiful and fabulous photos!

Congratulations and best of luck to you – Mr. and Mrs. Nicholls



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So – we were contacted back in the fall of 2009 by a bride who was requesting a bouquet that she could take with her on the plane for a destination wedding on a beach, and then have a month later for a reception party in Miami.  Well  – an EVERLASTING Emplume bouquet was the obvious answer and we were more than happy to help!

The challenge with this particular bride was that they were having the ceremony on the beach and were going to be wearing white Bermuda shorts and no shoes – so the bouquet would have to be sort of beachy….

but the reception was going to be an all out formal affair complete with a beautiful swanky wedding gown covered in crystals, and the theme was “one night at the disco”!

So – you ask – as did we… how do you marry the beach with a disco party, and make it fabulous for both???!!

Trish had this to say about her Emplume experience…

“Thanks again for a job well-done, and done painlessly for me!  I know this was a little challenging due to having 2 very different venues w/ very different looks and outfits…..BUT YOU DID IT!!!  DISCO-FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!”

Thank you Trish! It was our pleasure and we wish you all the best!

xo ~ Emplume

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Yesterday we participated in a fabulous bridal show right here in Milford. Gina’s Bridal together with Posh Hair & Make-up Studio  premiered their first annual “Marry Me in Milford”  bridal show at Baker’s of Milford restaurant and banquet center. 

The show was a huge success for both vendors and brides-to-be. The show featured all local vendors so it was great meeting other creative and passionate wedding vendors from our home base 🙂 Old favorites included Nicole LaDonne Photography, The Clothing Cove, and MPE Events. New exciting favorites include Your Bliss Wedding, Arbie Goodfellow Accessories, and Natalie and Heidi with Jewel Kade jewelry! But with over two dozen vendors participating- I know that all the wonderful brides we met found everything they needed to make their wedding day perfect! We can’t wait to work with lots of them 🙂

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This definitely falls into the ‘Inspired Bits’ category. Wow! I’m absolutely blown away at how gorgeous this wallpaper is. Yes, wallpaper…feather wallpaper by F. Schumacher & Co.!  Don’t ask how I came upon it….aren’t you glad I did? I’ve dreaming of how to use this ever since….faux headboard, lined bookshelves, trimmed out wall panels…… How would you use it?

Schumacher’s Nest Wallcoverings collection has 24 of these gorgeous papers to choose from. Be sure to check them out for the sheer eye candy factor 🙂

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How completely fabulous are these french thank you notes designed by our most fabulous of friends Renee Rodriguez? Who wouldn’t want them? Every one is embellished with a sparkly crystal! And not only that – they come in a beautiful pink gift box adorned with a black satine ribbon and rhinestone buckle! sigh…

To win – you only have to post a comment on her blog – and winners will be selected on Valentine’s day!


good luck! we may even have to enter to win this one!  xo ~ emplume

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So awhile back I blogged about my brother-in-law and his soon to be wife – and yes – very soon to be! I can hardly believe the wedding is less than 2 months away. It seems like just yesterday that they announced their engagement.

I posted a bit about their beliefs and ‘rules’ and what our plans were going to be to make a fabulous eco-chic, vegan, rule-following wedding and reception.

Instead of a normal bridal shower  – we opted to have a wedding ‘craft’ party. All of the ladies in the family came over to the Emplume studio and worked on various crafts that would be used in the decor for the wedding. This was a great idea since we all needed to get to know one another but also because Kim has rules on what and where she buys things.. and most of us would have no idea where to get any of that stuff as gifts for her shower!

So far – the only money that has been spent specifically for the decor of the wedding is $25.00 for the awesome Martha Stewart paper punches and pearl corsage pins we bought from Michael’s. I was inspired to create her bouquet from ALL recycled paper after seeing this page in Martha Stewart Weddings.

Thanks for the awesome idea Martha!

Who would have thought recycled paper could be so glam?!!

I just have to list how we pulled this off, because everyone in both families has joined in the eco efforts! Kim’s grandmother had all of the assorted mason jars used to hold candles. The jars were decorated by the ladies at the craft party with my many spools of assorted ribbon left over from previous projects.  The paper flowers were punched out of multiple colors of shipping paper (sent around bolts of fabric) and 1 fabulous piece of green wrapping paper given to me by a friend.  It took many hours of toil by my mother-in-law, Aunt Linda, Grandma V, and my husband to punch and cut out all of the necessary flowers. The tree stumps were spotted by my mother-in-law at the side of the road, picked up by my father-in-law, and cut into rounds by Uncle Wally! The cans/table numbers (not shown here, but the idea was on the previous vegan post) were the contribution of Bebe, my french bulldog. We recycled them from her food – and Kim’s grandfather is nice enough to take on the task of punching in all of those many,many holes. The tree branches were a lucky find in the vacant lot next to my house. Someone had cut down a flowering tree and left it…when I spotted it walking Bebe…my husband was immediately sent out to cut of the branches, which will be put into the large glass vases we have used for my sister Emilie’s wedding (also a previous post, in case you are wondering)

OK. so enough about us and how great we all are at gathering recycled stuff. On to the photos…

picture this with natural soy candles.. not the leopard substitutes!

I must also mention that Tom and Kim printed their own wedding invitations and did a great job matching it with our theme. They of course used recycled paper… I promise to post the links to all of our vendors and suppliers when I post the photos AFTER the wedding!

I can hardly wait to see all of the elements together at the actual wedding! Thanks to everyone who has helped with all of these details! We could not have done it without the family effort!

xo ~ Shannon

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I love the amazing things that happen when creative talent comes together! A team has been working on a great project called  ‘Inspiration to Reality’ for Style Me Pretty.com This fantastic blog and bridal website has everything a bride-to-be could ask for. Brides are encouraged to submit inspiration boards of a wedding they are planning or even ones that purely indulge wedding fantasies.  As of now I think there are close to 3000 of these boards to gaze at. They are all amazing so be prepared to get lost in them for a while! Our Inspiration to Reality project started with this amazing  board submitted by Chiara. Love it!

Feathers and Fur

So, our concepts cues where ” A love trip to the Vegas desert.” Howard Hughes and the ‘Aviator’ movie, feathers, leather and fur….. Once we were approached by Tifany from Gourmet Invitations we were hooked on the concept and dreamt of the possibilities. Leathery leaves, vintage crystals, taupey feather flowers and bold peacock blue. This is what we came up with for the bride’s bouquet….

I can’t wait to see the actual photo shoot which took place yesterday! Obviously, there will be much more to see of how this inspiration became Reality 🙂 ciao!

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