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Ciao Lovelies! – We know, it has been FOREVER. Can you tell that blogging is not completely our best task?  (we do have a really, really good reason that we have been distracted, but we can’t tell you yet! sorry.) We love to”Emplume”  and we love to talk, but actually finding time to follow through with a blog seems to be our downfall! Luckily we really LOOOOVE to create fabulous bouquets for brides from around the world, and once in a while – that love saves us! {by giving us a perfectly undeniable topic and pictures to blog about!} We recently sent a bouquet for the first time ever to Italy! yes – Italy! How fabulous is that?  We are  so happy to post the photos that this bride sent over! Many, many, many thanks Pucia! (Nicolina) Gratzi!

Beautiful bride, gorgeous local, LOVE the navy shoes and handbag on the MOB!

bye-bye! ~ xo, Emplume


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