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Once again we are screaming over the obnoxious talent of our fabulous friend Renee @ Renee Rodriguez Designs! We recently asked Renee to design alter egos for us to use on custom stationary as well as incorporate into our website and blog. We are beyond thrilled with what she came up with!

Meet Shannon & Carrie

I would like to introduce you to two fabulous ladies, Shannon & Carrie, of Emplume Moderne Couture Bouquets. Five years ago they started their creative business designing couture wedding bouquets from feathers, gems, ribbons and more. Their creations are absolutely stunning.

About a year ago they asked me to help them with their brochure design and marketing plan, a mission I gladly accepted. We meet once a month at Emplume headquarters and discuss their fabulous business over delicious martinis and yummy treats. (tough job, but someone has to do it)

Now these lovely ladies really love my “girly girls” and asked if I would draw both of them for their custom stationery. How could I refuse?

First I would like to introduce you to Shannon.

Emplume Shannon

She loves, loves, loves jewels, especially giant cocktail rings and wearing layers and layers of necklaces. Shannon has extremely good taste and an amazing creative mind.

Now, on to my other fabulous friend Carrie, too darn cute for words. She has a swanky little walk is always pulled together with perfection. She too has an affection for jewels and is the other creative mastermind behind Emplume.
Emplume Carrie

So now that you have met my lovely friends, you can see how gorgeous they look together on their beautiful new thank you notes. The will be printed on creamy stock and then embellished with a few swarovski crystals – I know shocking, right?

Emplume Thank you blog

If you would like to take a look at their stunning bouquets visit their Emplume website here. In addition to bouquets, they design hair accessories, corsages, wrist corsages, shoe clips and much more.**

**Copied from Musings by Renee Rodriguez July 19 2010.

Shannon and I are in love with every gorgeous ego she designs. See what I mean by visiting her very sassy and girly website reneerodriguezdesigns.com and blog Musings by Renee Rodriguez. Renee has also published a book filled with pages of different wonderful girls, each with a fabulous wish for you! Hence the titleĀ  ‘Fabulous Wishes For You’. This delightful little book makes a great gift for all your special girlfriends šŸ™‚ Get a copy to share here!


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Nothing! This video clip by Jamie Honce has been on continuous replay ever since we first hit “PLAY”! Jamie’s inspirational work has been a huge part of our overall vision for the ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s‘ inspired photo shoot we did last month w/ Nicole Ladonne. I am personally a huge wedding video junkie. This is probably mostly due to the fact that one of my biggest wedding “Do Overs” would be to have a wedding video of my own- precisely like the artful, modern style of video by Jamie Honce Productions. Not all wedding video is created equal to be sure, but do yourself a favor and spend some time on Jamie’s website and blog. His work is so top notch.

But first, do nothing else until you watch this! šŸ™‚

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