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This week I’m able to proudly say I made a huge dent in my To-Do list! It feels great to have all of this done, done and done! I couldn’t be happier with the finished product ūüôā This boutonniere for Cham is my new ultimate favorite. Also, while I love the fact that all the mom’s and grandmom are going to have their fabulous corsages to wear again and again after the wedding, I think when this is all over I’ll have to make another one of each just for myself!

Cham's "Bee" inspired boutonniere.

Emplume‚ĄĘ boutonniere collection.

Mother of the Bride corsage.

Emplume‚ĄĘ corsage for the Mother of the Groom.

Kathlene’s corsage by Emplume‚ĄĘ.

Corsage for Grandmother of the Groom.

1-Groom boutonniere

2-Groomsmen boutonnieres

2-Dads boutonnieres

1-Usher bout.

1-Ring bearer bout.

2-Moms corsages

1-Stepmom corsage

1-Grandmother corsage

WHEW! onward…..the next couple of days will be devoted to centerpieces and favors with some help from my Dad and Kathlene. We’ll be picking up where my mom and sister left off a couple of weeks back. I’m hoping for some more big check-off marks on my list by the end of this weekend!

Have a wonderful one!



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Nothing! This video clip by Jamie Honce has been on continuous replay ever since we first hit “PLAY”! Jamie’s inspirational work has been a huge part of our overall vision for the ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s‘ inspired photo shoot we did last month w/ Nicole Ladonne. I am personally a huge wedding video junkie. This is probably mostly due to the fact that one of my biggest wedding “Do Overs” would be to have a wedding video of my own- precisely like the artful, modern style of video by Jamie Honce Productions. Not all wedding video is created equal to be sure, but do yourself a favor and spend some time on Jamie’s website and blog. His work is so top notch.

But first, do nothing else until you watch this! ūüôā

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Ever since we laid eyes on Jewel Kade‚ĄĘ jewelry we’ve been obsessed! It all started a couple of weeks ago at the Marry Me in Milford bridal show hosted by our fab friend Gina of Gina’s Bridal. Knowing what jewelry whores we¬†are,¬†Gina located us right next to Jewel Kade‚ĄĘ jewelry….she’s quite shrewd that way. ¬†So by the end of the show we quite literally fell in love with all things JK¬†as well as¬†its Style Reps. Natalie and Heidi! We had to know more-so, that same week we met with Natalie who completely swooned us with the JK story. Here’s why:¬†

Janet Kinkade is the designer and creator of Jewel Kade‚ĄĘ.¬†She’s also a wife¬†and mother of 5 children!¬†Janet built a career designing incredible window displays for Nordstrom department stores.¬†Now, her whole family is involved in making Jewel Kade‚ĄĘ a huge success! She is a master of her materials which are canvas based original artwork, Swarovski¬ģ rhinestone crystals, beveled and hand cut¬†glass, and embellished with real crushed glass glitter from Germany! And- made in the USA. yea!¬†

We die for them. I came to work the day after our Executive Kit arrived and Shannon was literally wearing every charm! Everyday we spread out all our JK booty on the table to pick and choose  which we are going to wear for the day. 

We are now offering them to Emplume‚ĄĘ¬†brides who want to really personalize their bouquets for themselves¬† and/or their maids and have a fabulous gift to give at the same time. These are so perfect because each has so much personality and a gorgeous handmade quality. Maids feel incredibly special when so much thought is put into choosing their perfect¬† bouquet charm.¬†

Perfect petite initial charm!

Perfect petite glimmering initial*

Your new *sparkling* initial 

Your new *sparkling* initial!

You get to wear them after the wedding as one of the hottest fashion accessories…¬†

Your favorite necklace afterward!

There are over 50 unique charms to choose from and many more seasonal limited edition creations to ooh and awe your friends. { like the 4 leaf clover “lucky” charm I just had to have for my daughter’s St. Patty’s Day birthday!}¬†

Happy weekend all!

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This definitely¬†falls into the ‘Inspired Bits’ category. Wow! I’m absolutely blown away at how gorgeous this wallpaper is. Yes, wallpaper…feather wallpaper by F. Schumacher & Co.!¬† Don’t ask how I came upon it….aren’t you glad I did? I’ve dreaming of how to use this ever since….faux headboard, lined bookshelves, trimmed out wall panels…… How would you use it?

Schumacher’s Nest Wallcoverings collection¬†has 24 of these gorgeous papers to choose from. Be sure to check them out for the sheer eye candy factor ūüôā

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Last Sunday, we at Emplume were happy to attend the ‘Wedding Express’ show in Birmingham. This show is like speed dating for wedding planners and vendors – and we think it’s a genious idea! We had a great time meeting many wonderful wedding planners and networking with many wonderful wedding vendors! It was our pleasure to meet everyone and we look forward to working with all of you!

For this show we decided to have an ‘EMPLUME Holiday Give-away’, which was this pair of completely fabulous and totally gorgeous feathered and jeweled shoe clips! It is the perfect way to accessorize a plain pair of shoes for the holiday season, and anytime really! We are happy to announce that the winner of the drawing was Heather Fiedor of HF Photography… Congrats Heather! Your feathered beauties are on the way to you as we speak!

This gave us an idea… we would like to have another Holiday shoe clip give-away for all of our brides, friends and fans of our blog and facebook. So here’s the deal – anyone who posts a comment on the blog or facebook (or both… don’t be shy!) within the next week, will be entered into a drawing to win these clips! We will hold the drawing on Friday, December 18th and will announce the winner on the blog and Facebook! Check back to see who won!

Good Luck lovies! xo ~ Emplume

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So, Friday was my anniversary and¬† husband and I made plans to go away for the night to do something different. We were really looking forward to this- even if it did involve heading down to the “D”. I say this because going to Detroit almost always instills quite a bit of guarded anticipation. In other words- it’s hard to know what to expect on an adventure to the “D”! However, I was completely delighted to spot a huge billboard advertising AVEDON at the Detroit Institute of Arts!

¬†As one of fashion’s most famous photographers, I was really excited to see the exhibit,¬†¬†and I wasn’t at all disappointed:) Richard Avedon’s¬†career began in the 1940’s with his first published photos when he was just 21 years old. For decades he was the photographer for Harper’s Bazaar and then Vogue magazines. Avedon’s¬†photography is most famous for¬†soft focus textures, non-static energy, his use of ethnic models and perhaps most importantly the way he¬†juxtaposed the uber-glamourous¬†model subjects¬†amidst unusual settings. These are only a few of my favorites from the exhibit….

  Photograph by Richard Avedon

  Photograph by Richard Avedon

 Photograph by Richard Avedon

 Photograph by Richard Avedon

¬†I highly recommend making the trip to see this fabulous exhibit. I saw it at the¬† Detroit Institute of Arts, but if that isn’t convenient to some of you, please find out where and when it will be near you!¬†¬†And to the City of Detroit-¬†we had a fabulous and memorable time! Thank you:) More on our other wonderful experiences in Detroit later….. Have a fabulous day- Carrie¬†¬†





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We thought it might be fun to find a few fabulous alternatives to the traditional wedding gown, since we are offering an alternative to the traditional wedding bouquet. This is not to say that we think an Emplume‚ĄĘ bouquet will only go with a non-traditional gown, quite the contrary! We can design and create an everlasting Emplume‚ĄĘ bouquet to be the perfect finishing touch to ANY style of gown!

While looking for just the right alternatives to show with this post – we were so excited to come across the newest collection from Amsale – who just introduced ‘THE LITTLE WHITE DRESS” at the New York bridal market.





The collection is the first of its kind and is particularly well-suited for a time of functionality in wedding gown design. As always, Amsale remains an advocate for her bride, remarkably in tune to her needs which, this season, are ready-to-wear like frocks appropriate for engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, receptions and honeymoons.

Innovative silhouettes combined with Amsale’s mastery of fabrication and attention to detail will once again revolutionize the way the industry thinks about wedding attire.

Watch out, little black dresses. the little white dress

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