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This week I’m able to proudly say I made a huge dent in my To-Do list! It feels great to have all of this done, done and done! I couldn’t be happier with the finished product 🙂 This boutonniere for Cham is my new ultimate favorite. Also, while I love the fact that all the mom’s and grandmom are going to have their fabulous corsages to wear again and again after the wedding, I think when this is all over I’ll have to make another one of each just for myself!

Cham's "Bee" inspired boutonniere.

Emplume™ boutonniere collection.

Mother of the Bride corsage.

Emplume™ corsage for the Mother of the Groom.

Kathlene’s corsage by Emplume™.

Corsage for Grandmother of the Groom.

1-Groom boutonniere

2-Groomsmen boutonnieres

2-Dads boutonnieres

1-Usher bout.

1-Ring bearer bout.

2-Moms corsages

1-Stepmom corsage

1-Grandmother corsage

WHEW! onward…..the next couple of days will be devoted to centerpieces and favors with some help from my Dad and Kathlene. We’ll be picking up where my mom and sister left off a couple of weeks back. I’m hoping for some more big check-off marks on my list by the end of this weekend!

Have a wonderful one!



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As soon as my sister Lindsay began planning her wedding, I knew I had to link her up with our fabulous friend Renee who creates the most wonderful wedding invitations!  Together they came up with these amazing “honey bee” themed invitations that perfectly communicate to guests the simple elegant mood of the event. A whisper of glamour is in the details with a shimmering charcoal gray envelope and fine silver cording that ties the buzzing bee to the graceful yellow flower. Gorgeous!

Honey Bee themed invitations by Renee Rodriguez Designs.

Address label

Bee themed invites! Designed by Renee Rodriguez Designs

Reply card

More examples of Renee’s amazing work can be viewed at her website www.reneerodriguezdesigns.com/ Also visit her fun and inspiring blog Musings by Renee.

Thank you Renee!


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It has literally been forever since I have sewn clothes. I was a little nervous about taking on the flowergirl dress. My fear was more related to not knowing how much time this would take to finish rather than how it would turn out. In total it took me roughly 15 hours to complete, but it really felt like it took one day since I was in the basement for 12 of those hours on Saturday { This was closely recorded by my husband, who was a little disgruntled at not having my company during the Spartans season opener this year. } But everything was going so well and turning out so cute I just couldn’t stop really 🙂 This is where I started- a pattern I planned to modify, an inspiration dress photo and some gorgeous yellow silk fabric….

Flowergirl dress inspiration photo.

Dress pattern to be modified into inspiration dress.

The pattern was easy to follow but not very true to size- It was very big! I used pattern pieces for Dress C-top and Dress A-skirt to get the look of the inspiration dress. I ended up still cutting another 7″ off the skirt length and took in about an 1 1/2″ in the back before putting in the zipper. I did not use a pattern for the sash/bow. This was purely educated guesswork 🙂 Love how it turned out!

Accomplishments from the weekend!

 The ring pillow was completely inspired by some fabulous scrap fabric I had and the big flower in the inspiration dress photo. I couldn’t be happier with the way this pillow turned out. I especially love how the mixture of fabulous silk damask {on the back & edge} and simple cream linen {front} gives the perfect balance of rustic glamour Lindsay is looking for in her wedding details. I can’t wait for my sister to see this in person!

Emplume custom ring pillow.

1-ring bearer pillow

1-flowergirl dress

Yea! now on to the rest  of it 🙂


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The procrastinator’s countdown begins….

Today there is officially one month left before my sister’s wedding. GASP!

During this month I will attempt to not only fabricate all that needs to be fabricated for this highly anticipated and extremely special event, but also document and share my accomplishments and possible failures here with you! {I am laughing hysterically now  b/c quite clearly it’s nearly impossible for me to update my blog any other time when I’m not experiencing chest pains :)} Oh Lordie….

So here’s what the next thirty days has in store:

1-Bridal bouquet

2- Maid bouquets

1-Groom boutonniere

2-Groomsmen boutonnieres

2-Dads boutonnieres

1-Usher bout.

1-Ringbearer bout.

2-Moms corsages

1-Stepmom corsage

1-Grandmother corsage

1-Bridal hair fascinator

1- Flowergirl dress for my daughter

1- Flowergirl wand

1-Ringbearer pillow

2-Maid reception accessories ( hairpieces or corsages? hmmm)

OK so that’s my list. Then 2 weeks ago I got my sister’s list meant just for me! I know it was given from her heart with lots of trust and love….heh heh:

15- Dinner table centerpieces

5ish-Cocktail table centerpieces

150- Preparing and assembling guest favors

1-Design and create a cake decoration

So the good news is that most of these things are all in various stages of completion lucky for her 🙂 But the list is long. It also doesn’t include the fact that I am a wife and mother and a business owner 🙂 Or that I’d also like to lose 10 pounds, whiten my teeth and get my hair colored, eyebrows waxed and nails done 🙂

It’s 30 days. I can’t wait to see all these things materialize! I know everything will be wonderful and beautiful and perfect just like my sister. Love you Lins! ❤

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Ciao Lovelies! – We know, it has been FOREVER. Can you tell that blogging is not completely our best task?  (we do have a really, really good reason that we have been distracted, but we can’t tell you yet! sorry.) We love to”Emplume”  and we love to talk, but actually finding time to follow through with a blog seems to be our downfall! Luckily we really LOOOOVE to create fabulous bouquets for brides from around the world, and once in a while – that love saves us! {by giving us a perfectly undeniable topic and pictures to blog about!} We recently sent a bouquet for the first time ever to Italy! yes – Italy! How fabulous is that?  We are  so happy to post the photos that this bride sent over! Many, many, many thanks Pucia! (Nicolina) Gratzi!

Beautiful bride, gorgeous local, LOVE the navy shoes and handbag on the MOB!

bye-bye! ~ xo, Emplume

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We can hardly believe it has almost been a month since we have blogged. Bad. Bad. Bad! Neither of us know where the time has gone. Luckily for me (since it’s my turn to blog, and I guess I’m the one holding up the show!)- we received a request from a new inquiry asking for some letters of reference, since she has a large order and was a bit worried about the whole ‘on-line’ ordering process.

Carrie sent out some emails to our past brides – and we are sooo happy to report that we got some fabulous letters back! This really is why we LOVE Emplume so much! Of course we love the bouquets but I think we may love our brides, their mother-in-laws and moms even more! THANK YOU.THANK YOU. THANK YOU! to all of you who so thoughtfully replied to our request – we could not be happier!

I am of course going to post them for all of you to see.. but so as not to overwhelm and to give every gorgeous one of you your day to shine with our complete gratitude and thanks… here’s the first!

Dear Carrie and Shannon:

It was so good to hear from you.   As you know, when my daughter-in-law Stephanie saw your advertisement in Bride’s Magazine and contacted you by telephone.   I was skeptical about handling such an important part of the wedding over the internet without being able to see and/or touch the product.  You will recall we had a bad experience with another company who apparently was trying to do a knock-off of your creations of art.

I can honestly say we were like 5 year old children on Christmas morning opening the packages when they arrived for the wedding.  The packaging was fantastic.  I have my husband’s boutonniere and my corsage packed away neatly in the beautiful boxes they arrived in and have stored them in our wedding memory box.

The bride’s bouquet was stunning.    Stephanie chose a beautiful arrangement to carry and equally beautiful combinations for the maid of honor and bridesmaids.   Your creations were unique to our area and needless to say were a topic of conversation among our guests.  I purchased glass vases for the bouquets and they were displayed at the reception around the cake and Stephanie’s was standing on the sweetheart table.

I have never seen anything like these arrangements. The Swarovski crystals and pearls were a magnificent touch and added just the right amount of sparkle.  The magnetic clasps on them were a fantastic idea so as to not damage the fabric of the dresses/tuxedos.

I would absolutely, positively recommend your creations to anyone who is considering them as an alternative to traditional fresh flowers.  They are unique works of art and certainly deserve the consideration by any bride who wants something unusual and one of a kind for her special day. Hope your business is flourishing and you can rest assured that anyone who has asked where they came from I have quickly provided your information.

Talk care and we wish you much success!


Brenda L. Eyler

Extremely Satisfied  Emplume Customer

THANKS BRENDA (and Stephanie)  It truly was our pleasure!  xo ~ emplume

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I know it is completely unheard of for us to blog even once a day – let alone twice in the same day! But I just received photos from 2 past brides today – and was so happy and excited when I saw them, that I had to post them both!

So the first one was the previous disco-fabulous post and this next one is from a beautiful fall bride from the Lansing area. And even though she did live close enough to our studio to come in personally – she chose to work with us via the internet (which 95% of our brides do, with great success!)

Her theme was vintage Hollywood glam, and from the pictures – I think her bouquet was the perfect accessory to her overall look.  Her photographer – Steven F. Fox Photography – did the most awesome job capturing the vintage feel! Don’t you think it could be 1940 in these pictures?

I can hardly stand how awesome this picture is!!!


What year is it anyway?

Thanks so much for sending in the beautiful and fabulous photos!

Congratulations and best of luck to you – Mr. and Mrs. Nicholls


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