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Nothing! This video clip by Jamie Honce has been on continuous replay ever since we first hit “PLAY”! Jamie’s inspirational work has been a huge part of our overall vision for the ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s‘ inspired photo shoot we did last month w/ Nicole Ladonne. I am personally a huge wedding video junkie. This is probably mostly due to the fact that one of my biggest wedding “Do Overs” would be to have a wedding video of my own- precisely like the artful, modern style of video by Jamie Honce Productions. Not all wedding video is created equal to be sure, but do yourself a favor and spend some time on Jamie’s website and blog. His work is so top notch.

But first, do nothing else until you watch this! 🙂


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We are having a love affair with navy blue. It is the new black (or almost new…) We have done navy weddings for a couple of years now – but may have to fall in love with it all over again after viewing this post on our most fabulous friend Renee’s blog…..


Just the word midnight conjures lovely images in my mind. The first thought is Cinderella; visions of her dashing out of the ball in a drop-dead gorgeous gown, leaving one of her exquisite shoes behind, and finally triumphing over the evil Stepmother to live happily ever after with her handsome Prince.   Sigh…

I believe a modern day Cinderella would ask her Fairy Godmother to create a magnificent midnight blue gown, complimented with glittery Christian Louboutin heels and a playful pair of blue feather eyelashes.

renee navy blue 2

renee navy blue 1

renee gold shoes

The drama that midnight blue possesses is sexy and sophisticated with a tranquil vibe…….

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Photo 1 & 2: hautefashion Photo 3: Christian Louboutin Feather Eyelashes

Did you see those glitter heals!  To die for… is it a wonder why we always end up blogging about shoes!?….

We have loved the idea of midnight blue for a wedding ever since it was requested by our lovely bride Gina Salaski of Gina’s bridal in Milford. She had the most swanky of New Year’s eve weddings that I can remember… and the fascination we have with her beautiful color palette is just a fresh and strong as it was almost 2 years ago! Thanks Gina – Happy almost 2nd anniversary!

Gina & maids standing

Gina balcony

Gina's glowing topiary

Thanks to Nicole Ladonne photography for the photos of Ginas wedding – gorgeous!

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